What is Afri Vega?

On the site, fans can request a personalized video of any occasion from their favoring celeb, Request to have one on one video chats with the celebrities/ influencers they most like and fans can also book celebrities who offer live events attendees to attend or perform at your event

How does Afri Vega work?

After choosing the celebrity they want a personalized video from, fans can then send their request to the celeb with full details about what they want to be said and to whom the video will be added to and from whom, then fans will buy the services which will be under the merchandise icon.

If a fan want to talk one on one prevent video call they will request the celeb when they are online for video chat and you will be charged by minutes, prices will be different depending what the celeb had set up.

How long can I talk to a celeb on one on one privent video chat?

That is total up to you and the celeb, you can talk as long as you wish and as long as the celeb has time just remember you get charged by minutes, make sure you know how much they charge by a minute video chart and make sure you have enough money in you account or the call will be cut short.

How long will it take for me to get my video?

We give celebrity unto 14 days to get the job done just inches they are busy. we advice fans to request their videos as early as you can before the due date, if your loved’s spacial occasion is in a month or two go head and book your video and you will be assured it will be ready and done.