Afri vega is where you connect with your favorite stars

Access your favorite celebrities and request a personalized video message for any occasion or join your favorite celeb fans club and Request a prevent video chat and get exclusive content as well.

How Afri vega Works?

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Find the right celeb for any occasion

Birthdays, weddings, Anniversary’s, Motivation, Get well soon, Congratulations on any milestones. surprising a loved one with one of their favorite celeb on their special event by Booking celebs who are offering live events attendees to attend or perform at events.

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Personalized video message & Prevent one on one video chat

For personalized video message Make sure you Include all the important details in your request form. After it’s submitted, stars have up to 14 days to complete it.

For private one on one video chat send a request for a prevent chat when celebs when they are online.


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Magical moments deserve to be shared. Whether you’re giving one or receiving a personalized video or you have your favorite celeb attend your event we want to see your reaction. tag us @afrivega

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Welcome to the ultimate experience with celebrities

Choose a celeb and enjoy a one-on-one LIVE video call

Get personalized video message for your loved one from their favorite celebs

Get exclusive content from your favorite stars

Buy exclusive products from your favorite celebs like music/movie won by them outfits

Get celebs to attend or perform at your event